What Happens with Europe Next? 

Before we move as a country, as people, we have to make one thing clear. It may not be the best ever, as potential goes, but DEMOCRACY is the best we have.  

We’ve seen democracy fail in 2016 US Presidential Election 

We’ve seen democracy fail in UK in the Brexit debate.  

I realize that one side always wins, the other loses. But neither Trump’s win, nor Brexit was about that.  

The same was very close to happening in Germany, in France and all throughout Europe. People are deliberately being misled and confused.  

Let’s agree that there will always be a population of voters who are not truly interested in politics. But that’s a choice. Confusion due to the spread of lies and propaganda is not.     

The spread of fake news 

fake news

The term is used so often that it almost numbs the listeners. However, the threat is very real. We as voters, as citizens, as free people have the obligation and power to stop it.  

We are not saying we know the answer. But a simple question we want to ask is, can we trust Facebook to take the matters as seriously as it should be?  

If not, then we have an important debate on our hands. Can we allow the government to regulate the spread of fake news or we will call it an attack on free speech?  

We don’t know. But Politico has an interesting take on Emmanuel Macron’s law to regulate the organizations that control the news.  

Make no mistake, it’s not an isolated decision. Now you can share anything you want. That’s free speech. But it may result in all sorts of debates going along with this one. Who knows how far it will go? Marijuana, Net Neutrality, online gambling? Maybe today you can download casino app here free, while tomorrow you won’t.  

The Future of the European Democracy 

European Democracy

Stay vocal.  

The first step is March 1-2. The future of democracy in Europe will be a conference in Athens held by the European Economic and Social Committee. The conference could not be held on a more important time.  

We can let it slip or be engaged. For our sake and the Europe’s.  

It may sound like a corny call to arms from the movies, but like we already said, don’t let these issues bore you. If we lose this fight, we may see Europe drop into the dark ages. 




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