Alternative Europe: 10 undervalued European cities

If you have travelled half of Europe and no longer know what to visit on this popular and certainly extraordinary continent, while you want to expand your circle of major European cities, consider the list of cities below to add some of them to your plans for visiting Europe.

Most likely, if you travelled all over Europe along and across, then you certainly were in cities like Istanbul, Venice, Helsinki, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam, and saw all the famous sights of these cities. Many of them can be visited with a flight from Kazan, after all, although most of departures from Kazan are carried out along the beach directions, in Europe, even going on a holiday tour of the sea, you can visit a number of large cities with not very long transfers or relocations. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of cities in Europe that you simply must see. Moreover, if you want to learn the different cultural aspects of some countries and go deeper into the life of residents, not spoiled by tourists, why not choose the most popular among such tourists of the city!

Bratislava, Slovakia


If you are in Vienna, consider the matter of spending just one hour to travel east to Bratislava, the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia. The development of the city largely depended on the Austrians, Czechs, Hungarians, Jews, Serbs and Slovaks, and the city still tries to figure out its national identity. When you get off the train at the local train station, you will feel it with all your heart! And you will feel that you fell into another time: the old city is rather bizarre, and its streets are paved with cobblestone. The rest of the city quietly and calmly repeats the communist rule.

Try to find time to wander around the old town, climb the mountain to Bratislava Castle to learn more about the history of Slovakia, and take a step towards the St. Martin’s Cathedral. At the end of the tour you can relax in the park behind the president’s palace.

Marseille, France


Many adventurous travellers travel to Nice, Paris or Monte Carlo to soak up the Mediterranean sun or enjoy some gambling along the away. But why not go to Marseille?! A city with a rich history and culture and full of delicious food. Take a boat to visit the castle of If – a notorious prison. Embark on a hike through Les Calanques, steep limestone mountains that border on the Mediterranean Sea. And if you are in good shape, go hiking to the highest point of the city to see Notre-Dame de la Garde (if not in shape, then take a tourist tram and meanwhile play games on here instead spending your money pointlessly in Monte Carlo). Spend some time wandering around the old town, visit the Le Vieux Port fish market and fall in love with this sunny city.

Strasbourg, France


Often called the capital of Europe for its title of the main building of the European Union, Strasbourg is a very beautiful city, which can be reached within about four hours by train from Paris. Strasbourg is also located 3 kilometres from the border with Germany. This is the home of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights, and if not, everyone knows about the first two of its merits, then the expression “Strasbourg Court” is on everyone’s lips.

Its rich history dates back to the Neolithic and not so long-ago Strasbourg has experienced many border disputes between France and Germany. When you come here, do not forget to visit Strasbourg Cathedral, located in the city centre. Take a stroll along La Petite, which is home to several canals and quaint log houses. Go to Notre Dame and the museums inside the palace of Rohan, both of which are located in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral. And you do not have the right to leave Strasbourg without trying the famous tart flambé cake (something like a thin crust of pizza, but much tastier than pizza) and a local Spätzle dish (a hybrid of dumplings and pasta). Strasbourg is an ideal city with a rich blend of German and French culture.

Colmar, France


The ideal vector of traffic after Strasbourg is, of course, the city of Colmar – probably one of the most beautiful cities that you will ever visit. It was founded in the 9th century and is located only about 70 kilometres south-west of Strasbourg, near the border with Germany. The city itself developed largely under the influence of German culture. All that you really need to do in this city to know it is to wander. Photograph colourful buildings, go to La Petite Venice, Colmar Square, which is intersected by canals, as well as a covered market. Take a walk in the local churches and visit the Unterlinden Museum, which houses a large collection of medieval Renaissance and Baroque.

Krakow, Poland


Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland, being founded in the 7th century and quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. With a rich history, Krakow was the capital of the German General Government during the Second World War and saw the true Holocaust. It is home to Pope John Paul II (the first non-Italian pope) and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Going to Krakow, make sure that you have visited the Schindler factory, the Jewish Museum of Galicia, the Old Town Square, the Cathedral of St. Mary and the Royal Castle of Wawel. And if you are here long enough, take a one-day excursion to Auschwitz to really understand the history of the city and the region.

Leiden, Netherlands


If you are traveling to Amsterdam, why not consider visiting Leiden? This will not only save you a lot of money for housing, but will also provide an opportunity to explore Holland with a much smaller number of tourists and at the same time see the equally charming Dutch city about 30 minutes’ drive from Amsterdam. This city, imbued with canals, was the birthplace of Rembrandt and is a university city since 1575. This is a house for three national museums, one of Europe’s best botanical gardens and large restaurants.

Winchester, England

If you go to England for a long time, be sure to go to Winchester, especially if you like bizarre cities with lots of green spaces. Go to the former house of Jane Austen and her last rest in the Winchester Cathedral. Visit one of the best preserved medieval large halls and one of the oldest factories in England.

Cardiff, Wales


To find out the other part of the United Kingdom, be sure to go on your first trip to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. The city is currently the largest coal exporting port in the world and has the “greenest” area per person in the whole of the UK. Visit the beautiful castle of Cardiff, go to the Central Market and the Victorian Arcade, as well as to Bute Park. Do not forget to try food and ale in one of the many pubs here.

Mont Saint-Michel, France

mont-saint mitchel

To see this fabulous place, you will need to go to Normandy,

France. This is the strengthening of ancient times and a house for the monastery of the 8th century. Today, this place can be reached by a constantly dry dam, although Mont Saint-Michel and to this day is completely dependent on tides. At low tide to this fortress you can walk on foot along the sand. And during the tide it becomes an island.

Lucerne, Switzerland


A German-speaking city in the centre of Switzerland, Lucerne is a beautiful city surrounded by the Alps and bordered by Lake Lucerne. It is home to the oldest covered bridge in Europe, Kapellbrücke is a wooden bridge built in the 14th century. Stroll around the Old Town, visit the Lyon Monument and climb the Musegg Wall for a magnificent view of the city (open from April 1 to November 1).

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